Would You Like to be the Owner of a Profitable Mushroom Growing Business?

Dear Mushroom Business Friend,

If you enjoy growing mushrooms, I have exciting news for you.

Did you know you can make a good income – part-time or even full-time – growing mushrooms for profit. It’s easy to turn your backyard or small acreage into cash.

I’d like to show you how to start your own profitable home-based  business, growing mushrooms for market. And when I say “profitable”, I mean a business that can produce a good income every year – no matter what the economy is doing.

Growing mushrooms is an ideal business for:

  • Mothers – who need to stay home with their kids.
  • Retired folks – who want to supplement their Social Security and pension.
  • Teenagers – who want extra money working part-time.
  • Rural folks – with larger yards or a few acres.
  • Anyone who loves to garden.

You can start your own spare-time mushroom  business with very little money. (Most can be started with just a few thousand naira), and almost no financial risk. Growing mushrooms is a simple business that anyone with a bit of common sense can do.

During good times and bad, having a spare-time business is one of the best ways to get ahead. Even if you now have a good job, you should be developing a way to make extra income. Today, with so much “down-sizing” and “out-sourcing”, it’s a good bet that your job could be at risk sometime in the future.

Growing mushrooms  is a business that can provide you with a substantial income working just a few hours a week at home. If you decide to turn your spare-time business into a full-time business, the money gets better.



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