5 Reasons Why You Should Not Grow Mushrooms

Yes, there are some disadvantages when growing mushrooms and you should be aware of them before starting as a mushroom cultivator. I will lest them below and I will discuss a bit about them. Now, it’s up to you if it will make you ‘run or it will make stay’ 🙂

1. Because you are not made for this;
2. Because you don’t have a place where to grow them;
3. Because of basidiospore formation in the grow room;
4. Because growing mushrooms takes time;
5. Because in order to grow mushrooms you need to provide them special conditions.

1. Why grow your own food? Are you motivated? probably you should think about this aspect before starting with mushroom cultivation. Motivation is very important. If you are not interested and motivated then is better if you try something else.

2. Do you live in the countryside? Do you have a farm? Excellent! this is the ideal place where you can actually grow mushrooms. Well, now Do you have a room where to grow them (basement, tunnel, cave, or any other empty space)? If yes, then you have the basic conditions for growing mushrooms.
O..you are living in the city, and you would like to grow mushrooms for yourself and your family? well, it’s possible only if you have a balcony or some other type of space designed for mushroom cultivation. In order to grow mushrooms for yourself actually you don’t need much space.

3. Mushrooms when mature they release billions of spores that spread all over the grow room. This is a real concern among cultivators because this may affect their health in time. At first symptoms are very similar to coldness (fever, general body weakness, cough,..)
Measures to be taken: Use a mask that covers your nose and mouth each time when you enter the grow room full of mature mushroom fruitbodies. You should wear a suit design only for this purpose and a hat on your head.

Harvesting mushrooms: the right way.
  1. Another cause why newbies give away on cultivation mushrooms is time. You actually have to wait form 2 to 4 weeks until you get mushrooms (this is the case of bag cultivation of wood inhabiting fungi) and about 8 to 14 months in the case of log cultivation. Most people would like to see results right away; however this is not the case when cultivating mushrooms. But the good news is that growing mushrooms is faster then growing vegetables in your own garden. In addition you can harvest mushrooms nearly everyday if you cultivate them twice a week.

    5. As a newbie probably you don’t have equipment designed to provide proper conditions for mushroom development . However, you should know that you can grow them without any type of equipment. Just think about why do they grow in the forest? Do they have there any equipment? No
    Equipment is for those wanting to get a higher yield of mushrooms compared to what would they get when growing them without equipment. So, no big deal, try without and you’ll see the results by yourself, later if you want to make a business by growing mushrooms then you should think about proper conditions to grow them.

    If you have any doubts on cultivating mushrooms, see 5 Reasons to Cultivate Mushrooms and try to apply the following tips regarding your decision:

    ‘The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live’

Flora Whittemore

Decision is a powerful tool that has the ability to change your life anytime. Wise decisions are always needed; however, sometimes people aren’t able to make such decisions and this is a reliable problem because bad choices can get you down and make your life miserable. As I know, most decisions in life are taken emotionally, intuitively, or logically. Although I’m not an expert in psychology I will share with you some of the tips I use that proved to be very helpful in many important life decisions.

Prior to making a wise decision you have to know what you want, in this case what you expect from your relationship. Is this decision going to satisfy your needs? Will you be happier?

Wise decision making steps

1. Take a blank paper and a pen
2. Split the paper in two parts
3. Write down on one side the pros and on the other side the cons. Simply, list the advantages and disadvantages of every option that you have in mind.
4. Take a look over your options and weight them according to your interests and goal. You may give them grades (let’s say from 1 to 10: the best option should get 10 in this case).
5. Finally do a simple count
6. Compare the results.

Obviously when the results are close to each other [or equal: 24(+)=24(-) points], then you have to make a hard decision. In this case what I’m doing is to tease the problem somehow or to allow it more time. If considering the above example to discover more advantages or disadvantages of being in such a relationship.

Now, think how your decision will influence your future. Therefore another important step is to connect your decision results to past and future. The past may tell you exactly how hard was it living with such a person, while your intuition can give you a hint about how your life is going to be if you’ll continue your relationship.

A final decision should be taken after you apply the above presented choice making steps several times in a certain period of time. If you get the same results several times [e.g, (-)34 to (+)14] then obviously you have to give up to your relationship and continue with your life in order to find happiness.
Ok, guys and girls this is for today, hope you enjoyed this article, I’m trying to show you what are the advantages and disadvantages of mushroom cultivation, and the power of decision so you can see by yourself what means this all. If you liked this please give it a “like” up there and share it with you friends, maybe it will help some of them out there wanting to start with mushroom cultivation.


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