How Nigerians can tap into the multi-million-dollar mushroom market

Nigeria has all the indices for greatness so one wonders why it is not great. Some have pointed at poor leadership and followership, corruption, poverty etc as culprits but one tends to agree with a popular Nollywood actor, Mr. Nkem Owoh who in one of his movies, wondered aloud if Nigerians were made by God’s apprentice.

John-Okhuoya 1Nigeria is blessed with abundant natural and human resources, highly talented and resourceful people, high quality natural resources, yet, it seems to be moving round and round in circles. In this interview with Professor John Aroye Okhuoya, Professor of Mycology and Director, African Centre for Mushroom Research and Technology Innovation, University of Benin, he speaks on how Nigeria can partake of the multi-million dollar mushroom industry.

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