Disadvantages of Mushroom Cultivation

In the wild, mushrooms constantly grow and repopulate. You may have noticed a grouping of mushrooms on an old wood board or plank in your yard, or even on shady tree roots.
Mushrooms have an extremely strong smell that may remind you of a musty room or rotting wood. One disadvantage to growing mushrooms inside is that you need to constantly regulate the temperature.

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Dehradun Woman Changing People’s Lives Through Innovative Mushroom Farming

A mushroom from Uttrakhand’s Dehradun has devised ingenious and innovative methods of growing the edible macro-fungi, making its farming a lot more cost-effective.


26-year-old Divya Rawat, who is the of Soumya Foods, has also promoted her methods, thus providing a means of livelihood for many Uttrakhand residents.

“People in Uttarakhand were leaving their villages to seek jobs in cities due to no fixed source of income as the traditional farming of paddy and vegetables was not lucrative enough to promise a bright future,” said Rawat

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